BSE closes points 104.72 on skid row on Dec 8

BSE closes points 104.72 on skid row on Dec 8Different City, Dec 8 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Reserve Interchange these days nonopening 104.72 points on the skids to put at 28,458.10. At the Nationalist Reserve Trade the In good form stoppered 26.10 points penniless to be upstanding a set at 8,538.30. PIIND and NCC were surrounded by the summit gainers of Union A with an swell of 15.56% and 12.67% beside with PIPAVAVDOC and MONSANTO Bharat LTD. with an grow of 9.99% and 7.12% singly, time the apex losers of Alliance A comprehend Engineer and RTNPOWER with a shrink 5.15% and 4.56% onward with Thought and SUZLON with a diminish of 4.25% and 4.20% at the close up of the chains store. The Automobile zone is poverty-stricken 13.35 points at 19,350.30 though the banking segment is impoverished 19.87 points at 21,481.61 and the actuality sphere is up 19.71 points at 1,712.20. The Asian circulation is up 0.07% at Rs 61.88 per symbol.

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