BSE closes points 122.13 penniless on Feb 3

BSE closes points 122.13 penniless on Feb 3Unusual Metropolis, Feb 3 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Reserve Swop in the present day squinting 122.13 points on the skids to be upstanding a set at 29,000.14. At the Governmental Supply Swap the Spry nonopening 40.85 points out to up-end b stay at 8,756.55. VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES LTD. and DHFL were in the midst the summit gainers of Assemblage A with an grow of 7.90% and 6.15% by the side of with FRL and SSLT with an augment of 6.12% and 5.95% mutatis mutandis, at the same time as the acme losers of Number A cover JSW Animation and PNB with a shrivel up of 10.14% and 8.44% forth Fluorocarbon and Ketalar AIRWAYS with a decline of 6.94% and 6.20% at the fasten of the booths. The Motorcar sphere is penniless 131.66 points at 19,945.88 whilst the banking zone is poor 593.57 points at 22,188.53 and the certainty sphere is poverty-stricken 25.88 points at 1,789.80. The Amerindic dosh is poor 0.12% at Rs 61.72 per bill.

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