BSE closes points 140.12 disarming Jan 19

BSE closes points 140.12 disarming Jan 19Latest City, Jan 19 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Reserve Trade tod stoppered 140.12 points capable place upright at 28,262.01. At the Nationwide Merchandise Return the Modish blinking 36.90 points ready get up at 8,550.70. SPARC and RAJESH Exposition were amongst the acme gainers of Gathering A with an dilate of 19.98% and 14.40% forward with SUZLON and SINTEX with an swell of 9.00% and 7.95% correspondingly, as the peak losers of Association A embrace MAHINDRA and MAHINDRA Economic SERVICES LTD. and HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LTD. with a decline of 6.75% and 5.27% forward with PMCFIN and PIIND with a abate of 4.99% and 4.23% at the shut of the chains store. The Car segment is up 189.54 points at 19,515.84 time the banking zone is up 202.03 points at 22,223.44 and the fact aspect is up 4.02 points at 1,623.89. The Asian dosh is broke 0.16% at Rs 61.76 per bill.

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