BSE closes points 271.13 abreast Feb 12

BSE closes points 271.13 abreast Feb 12Novel Metropolis, Feb 12 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Hoard Switch in our day tight 271.13 points set move at 28,805.10. At the Federal Hoard Swop the Smart nonopening 84.15 points equipped move at 8,711.55. BF UTILITIES LTD. and Bharat CEMENTS were mid the summit gainers of Organization A with an inflate of 12.36% and 12.11% on with SPARC and MRF with an extend of 10.00% and 10.00% separately, though the acme losers of Assemblage A comprise Slope Bharat and PMCFIN with a contract of 5.92% and 4.97% forth with RASOYA PROTEINS LTD. and FRL with a contract of 4.76% and 4.54% at the secure of the co-ops. The Car division is up 280.59 points at 19,378.28 as the banking aspect is up 208.23 points at 21,897.77 and the realism division is up 22.00 points at 1,737.53. The Amerind presentness is up 0.03% at Rs 62.27 per clam.

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