BSE closes points 538.12 poor on Dec 16

BSE closes points 538.12 poor on Dec 16Fresh Metropolis, Dec 16 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Supply Swop in the present day squinched 538.12 points indigent to rise at 26,781.44. At the State Inventory Switch the Spry blocked 152.00 points out to arise at 8,067.60. Pitchy AIRWAYS and HCL School were surrounded by the head gainers of Alliance A with an extend of 7.20% and 4.58% forward with TCS and CMC with an augment of 3.40% and 2.48% one-to-one, even as the summit losers of Association A cover PMCFIN and UNITECH with a shrivel up 19.05% and 10.75% forward with Jainist IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD and PIPAVAVDOC with a diminish of 9.96% and 9.08% at the close up of the co-ops. The Automobile region is penniless 299.08 points at 18,304.90 spell the banking aspect is impoverished 612.41 points at 20,435.88 and the 1 zone is poverty-stricken 59.19 points at 1,498.24. The Soldier bills is destitute 0.87% at Rs 63.49 per clam.

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