Event 4: Update 1.2 gratis representing PC variation, adds remapping features and fixes issues

Event 4: Update 1.2 gratis representing PC variation, adds remapping features and fixes issuesConsequence 4 was on the loose on 10 Nov.Facebook

Dust 4, dialect mayhap that gathering’s nearly all well-liked videotape competition, gets a unique update, 1.2, on the PC type of the pastime.

Bethesda has thorough that his unique update purposefulness total a brace of unique features to the contest’s PC variation, conspicuously in the remapping position of the recreation, and additionally take sundry fixes and improvements.

The fellowship as well revealed it is operational on a almost identical update on the side of PS4 and Xbox Single. That is liable to be at large erstwhile that hebdomad.

Hither are the piece notes in the service of Issue 4’s update 1.2 (Mouthful of air):

Latest Features

  • Bunch filling keys buoy at this very moment be cast-off in the service of remapping (PC)
  • Remapping Start at the present time entireness on Sudden Container (PC)


  • Common thought and firmness improvements
  • Carrying out improvements middle the Corvega Circle Flower
  • Optimizations to skinned art presentation
  • Immobile outflow with actress attractive having difficulties in terminals
  • Immovable emergence where helmeted weapons suit locked afterwards complementary Reunions
  • Attached efflux with “When Deliverance Calls” where the chase would not unbroken
  • Meanwhile “Reliance Gink” firm exit where competitor’s trim would ceaselessly better
  • Set drive related propulsion into h and reloading preserved eagers
  • Attached debouchment where Armament would not release Tutelary Rays Rank surroundings decorously (PC)

Temporarily, PC Gamer (via Link Mods marketplace line) has report that the different update has fragmented back up on mods. It additional says the original armament that blow ins with the update “disables mods on introduce, and the .INI redact that at one time got roughly that constraint no mortal plant”.

It smooth elective a pin in behalf of that: Set in motion the Link Modern Supervisor > Set Consequence 4 > Scourge to NMM > Re-enable mods > Recuperate to Consequence 4.

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