Everyone Was Deleted to Know That They Could Request a Transcript

While in charge of a big conference last month, I had so much to do. I really felt that I needed a way to delegate more for so many things that seemed so small in my coworker’s eyes, but would be a big deal in the eyes of the conference attendees. For example, I had many different speakers scheduled, but needed a way to have a record of the lectures they gave at the conference. I ended up using a transcription company to transcribe the files. It worked out really well.

Many people automatically assume that transcription is easy, but unless they have done it themselves, they do not realize just how hard and time consuming it can be. I have tried doing it on many occasions. If you’re a faster typer, expect that you will be much slower when you are trying to quickly type up every little thing that another human being says. Unless you have magic hands, you simply will not be able to do it as quickly as you think you will. Typing up a simple, one-hour lecture can take as much as 3 to four hours, and that is only if you know what you are doing. And that does not always include the amount of time it takes to proofread afterward.

The way the transcription company explained it to me is that we would need to record each speaker during their allotted time. The resulting audio files would then be given to the company so they could work their magic. They have employees who can go through the files with a fine tooth comb and type out everything perfectly. And they can do it in a timely manner as well. Imagine being able to let all of the attendees at the event know that they can contact you afterward to get a transcript of the entire lecture. It is a great perk for them.

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