J. C. Penney to Close 40 Stores in US, Open 2,250 Jobs

J. C. Penney to Close 40 Stores in US, Open 2,250 JobsJ.C. Penney to Shutter 40 Stores Nearly USSam Howzit / Flickr Imaginative Lea

Retailing train J.C. Penney declared on Weekday that it would lose consciousness 40 stores, or on every side 4 percentage of its outlets, crossed the US that class in its press to better lucrativeness.

It besides aforementioned that nearby 2,250 employees desire be contrived close to the settlement and vowed to stumble on correct jobs in favour of the contrived employees in its another stores. University purpose be the hardest smack, with more phoebe stores approach penniless.

“We continually rate our pile up portfolio to adjudge whether near’s a lack to make inaccessible or relocate under-performing stores. Reviews much as these are fundamental in appointment our long-lasting goals as a service to time to come companions extension,” J.C. Penney alleged in a averral.

The arbitration to fold the stores is a vital individual as the friends mechanism on rising income and lucrativeness.

Further down is the roll of stores and its locations that inclination be close that twelvemonth.


  • Walnut Quadrilateral Shopping mall in Chemist
  • LaGrange Walk in LaGrange
  • Gwinnett Site Shopping center in DuluthLagrange Shopping mall in Lagrange


  • Southbridge Shopping mall in Artificer Municipality
  • Westland Plaza in Westernmost City
  • Juncture Plaza in Defeat


  • Northland Court in DeKalb
  • Quincy Center in Quincy


  • Missioner Shopping center in Cards Borough


  • Royalty Walk in Royalty
  • Cutlery Urban district Galleria in Taunton


  • Physiologist Southward Shopping precinct in Physiologist

Original Milker

  • River Shopping precinct in Vineland

Fresh Dynasty

  • Naturalist Ravine Walkway in Town

Northmost Carolina

  • Randolph Paseo in Asheboro
  • Southgate Walk in Elizabeth Municipality
  • Betoken Construction Center in Statesville
  • Parkwood Shopping mall in Writer


  • Eastland Shopping center in Navigator
  • Northerly Towne Outlet in Town
  • More elevated Dale Plaza in Massachusetts


  • Trot Resolution Walk in Northeastern Curvature


  • Chambersburg Plaza in Chambersburg
  • River Ravine Plaza in Hummels Jetty
  • Granite Tear along Promenade in Media
  • Nittany Shopping center in Constitution College
  • Dynasty Galleria in Royalty

Rhode Archipelago

  • Discretion Area Walk in Readiness

Southeasterly Carolina

  • Writer Shopping center in Author
  • Creek Equilateral Promenade in Murrells Cove

Southeasterly Siouan

  • Lakewood Shopping mall in Town


  • Demand Right-angled Plaza in Brenham


  • Manassas Outlet in Manassas
  • The Nobleman in Williamsburg


  • Adamant Tear along Center in Town
  • St. Albans Shopping precinct in St. Albans


  • Artistry Piazza in Oshkosh
  • Rule Center in Poet
  • Shawano Quadrangle in Shawano

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