Sort of Working the Door at a Club

I never meant to get a job at this sort of place and I sure have not told my Mom what goes on here. She has never been to the city of Las Vegas and I am only here because I knew that there were a lot of jobs here. Of course like any other place there are a lot of apartments for rent in Las Vegas and when I came here I was working in construction. This guy I knew told me that he had a job for me and I came out here. The job lasted for about six months and when it was over I got this job from a friend of his. This is a very adult establishment if you catch the drift. There are a very large number of really gorgeous young ladies who work here, as entertainers. It is not the sort of place you would invite your future mother in law to have a meal for example. If you were going to have a bachelor party it would be the place.

My job is to make sure that no one does anything excessive. That is sort of a strange way to phrase it. This whole city is excessive and this club is really over the top too. However they have a bunch of really big tough bouncers, but those guys do not always do a good job of communicating with other human beings. My job is to do all the talking and to pretty much tell those guys what they can do and what they can not do. In truth these guys are capable of just about anything and when they get excited you do not want them to be aimed at you.Obviously you want them to not put people in the hospital if it’s not needed.

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