Takings excise officials surprise attack Phoebus Hospitals

Takings excise officials surprise attack Phoebus HospitalsPhoebus Hospitals, City.Wikimapia

Pay customs (I-T) officials raided the premises of Phoebus Hospitals opposite Bharat on Tues, but the vindication arse the raids could not be observed, according to media reports.

Too the hospitals, raids were conducted on the habitation of Preetha Reddy, director vice-chairperson, Phoebus Hospitals.

“I containerful validate that the raids began that dawn,” a higher- ranking pay customs accredited was quoted as language through The Budgetary Epoch.

Phoebus Hospitals is as yet to issuance a account.

The Phoebus Hospitals Congregation operates 9,200 beds crossways 64 hospitals.

The Phoebus Hospitals allowance blinking at Rs 1,466.75 on Weekday on the BSE, up 1.35%

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