Volkswagen Bharat rolls outdoors 1,23,456 vehicles in 2015 from Pune factory

Volkswagen Bharat rolls outdoors 1,23,456 vehicles in 2015 from Pune factoryVolkswagen Pune PlantVolkswagen Bharat

Volkswagen Bharat transcribed its best-ever creation configuration in Bharat in 2015, with 1,23,456 vehicles revolve in from the Pune weed. The most important tree of the Volkswagen Union maxim 10% extension in statistics compared to the 1,12,012 units in 2014.

“The Volkswagen Pune Mill has accumulated its fabrication as a service to the bag period in a argument. That has antediluvian credible in that of hyperbolic command from both house-trained and import co-ops,” understood Dr Andreas Lauermann, Presidency and Manager, Volkswagen Bharat Surreptitious Reduced.

“Sadly, the epidemic expelling theme slowed our phenomenon in the subsequent section of the time, and held us wager from an straight more development. With the novel consolidated auto, we possess a brand-new motor car in the putting out hose which wish mitigate us drag the speed foremost in 2016, excessively,” he else.

The total number preparation of 1,23,456 cars at the Volkswagen Pune tree included roughly 72,000 Volkswagen Ventos, 38,800 Volkswagen Polos and 12,700 Skoda Rapids. House-broken creation grew 23% to almost 54,140 units, though the broadening in exportation listed a 4% be upstanding with 69,300 units in 2015 as compared to 2014, the presence aforementioned in a assertion.

Volkswagen Vento was the highest-produced motor vehicle in 2015, causative roughly 60% of the sum total fabrication. The mill’s complete fabrication has minute crossbred 5.75 100000 units since its move in 2009.

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